Top Coon Ruben
MCO n 22
 Ch. Wellington Silvi-cola PL*
MCO n 22
Abraxas of Midnight Colony CZ*
MCO n 22
Ch. Pierot of Midnight Colony CZ*
MCO n 22 03
Honey Hill's You can't mach it Naomi N*
MCO n 22 
Ch. Queen Amidata of Chamberlain
MCO n 22
IC Wildwillows Sisco Two Stars
MCO n 22
IC Cheyenne Naomi of Chamberlain
MCO f 22
Top Coon Totsi
MCO ns 24
Top Usee JW
MCO ns 24
IC Ares Querer PL*
MCO d 24
Ferqie Cat Cabaret PL* 
MCO fs 22
Top Coon Barbie Baby
MCO f 22 03
DotCom Lachlan Lad
MCO fs 22
IC Barbi Red Yop Coon PL*
MCO d 22 
Ch. Barbie Chester Home
MCO d 22
Mateo Rufus Chester Child*kz
MCO d 22
GIC Злато Скифов*KZ
MCO es 22
Green Hoise's Zhan

MCO d 22
Magick Tale Kassiopea
MCO es 22
Ch. Top Coon Y'Zuzanna
MCO w 61
Ch. Wellington Silvi-Cola
MCO 3 n  22
Top Coon Goya
MCO 9 w 62
RU*Respectcoon Ivetta
MCO ds 22
Langstteich's S'Rapid
Justcoon's Keep Smilling
MCO e 03
Langstteich's N'Sunshine Reggae
MCO fs
Langstteich's X-Saharah
MCO ds 22
Langstteich's ES'Number One
MCO e 23
Ena of Shaggy-Coons
MCO ds 22
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